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Ten of our award-winning, decadent chocolate bars wrapped in a red ribbon.  You simply can’t go wrong with craft chocolate. Choose FREE Shipping at checkout!

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From the workshop of Patric Chocolate:

In my mid-twenties I spent a year in France enjoying the best goods the country had to offer. During this time, an all consuming passion for Chocolate took hold of me, and soon after I became determined to make my own world-class bars. After years of daily test batches, tastings, and study, Patric Chocolate was born!

Ever since, I have been driven to create the finest single-origin, blended and flavored chocolate bars imaginable. This has garnered Patric 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Good Food Awards, and recognition as “Best New American Chocolate” by Food & Wine Magazine. Enjoy my bars and rediscover chocolate!  -Alan “Patric” McClure

The Patric Chocolate Story  How We Make Chocolate

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